Walmart MoneyCard®

prepaid card

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Credit Check

No Credit Check

Minimum Balance

No Minimum Balance

Fraud Protection


Direct Deposit


Card Purchase Fee


Monthly Fee

$0 or $5

Cash Reload Fee

Up to $5.95

Purchase Fee


The Walmart MoneyCard is a popular yet simple card with low fees. It stacks up high on our list because it's backed by the Walmart name and with that comes certain advantages.

A low card purchase fee

Most prepaid debit cards charge you a fee of up to $10 for the initial purchase of their card. The Walmart MoneyCard only charges you a buck.

Free cash withdrawals at most Walmart locations

It's often costly and inconvenient to pull cash off a prepaid debit card, but the MoneyCard makes it simple and most importantly, free! Just visit your local Walmart location and withdraw cash at the MoneyCenter or customer service desk.

Earn cash-back rewards

You can earn up to $75 in cash-back rewards per reward year. If you do all your shopping at Walmart, you can really come out ahead with the MoneyCard. You will earn...

- 3% cash back at
- 2% cash back at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel stations
- 1% cash back at Walmart stores

For the purposes of cash-back rewards, a "reward year" is twelve monthly periods in which you have paid your monthly fee or had it waived. You can redeem your cash-back rewards using Walmart's website or mobile app.

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